Exclusive access - Season 12 Episode 8 teaser

Season 12 Episode 8 teaser

This episode the girls go international, arriving in the beautiful and bustling city of Bangkok, Thailand.

Being a top model involves constant travel and being camera-ready for work the moment that you step off the plane, but not before they lap up a little luxury at their new home for a few weeks the Lebua State Tower.

The girls are quickly put to work on location when they have to tackle the busy streets of Bangkok on several ‘go-sees’, but one of our girls gets lost and ends up in tears.

At this week’s photo shoot the girls are thrown deeper into traditional Thai custom, donning the finest silk only ever found in this part of the world. The aspiring models will be have to channel their inner elegance, charm and poise in order to impress judge Nicky Johnston who will be on set with them.

A new twist to this year’s abroad shoot sees that our head judge Abbey Clancy not joining the girls. Instead, she will be handing the reigns over to model and Asia’s Next Top Model’s host, Cindy Bishop.